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Pattie Krakowski is a passionate ghost hunter, writer and photographer.

She has been attracted to ghosts and paranormal activities for many years. Because of this Pattie decided to combine her interest in hauntings and her love of writing to create the Haunted Seville Quarter "Do YOU Dare Eat Lunch in a HAUNTED Restaurant?" tour." Be careful" she warns "you may be joined for lunch by uninvited ghosts !"

At certain times during the year she also leads special Haunted Pensacola Walking Tours and offers paranormal investigations with both Ghost Hunters of the South, a TAPS family member and international psychic Erica Boussarhane.

Pattie has researched the ghosts and interviewed the people who have seen the spirits on her tours." Seville Quarter is filled with spirits from Victorian times to present, children and even animals" Pattie says. She feels these are unique ghost stories never heard before. She is always looking for new ghost stories to add to her ghost tours. Currently she is writing a book about these " new " spirits of Pensacola's historical past. Pattie and her ghosts are featured in Ghost Hunting Florida America's Haunted Road Trip by Dave Lapham.

Also, because of her interest in excellent health and wellness Pattie is an Independent Business Owner with Qivana, a brilliant world class nutritional company that will positively impact your health and wealth.

Pattie lives in Pensacola, Florida with five cats, two dogs, and one white dove. All are rescued animals.

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